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Online Learning Portal OLP or LMS

TA learning management system LMS is a software application that provides the framework that handles all aspects of the learning process – administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of learning and training programs.

At Deepmindz, our comprehensive OLP can do everything from identifying and assessing individual and organizational learning goals along with tracking progress toward meeting these goals and collecting and presenting data for supervising the learning process. In addition to delivering content, our OLP can also handle such things as registering for courses and course administration.

AR Technology

Step into the realm of technological enchantment, where augmented reality meets your wildest dreams. Introducing Deepmindz’s cutting-edge Web AR Branding technology! Say goodbye to the hassle of installing multiple apps and visiting numerous websites. With our innovative solution, accessing products has never been easier and more convenient.

Get ready as we tackle two big challenges head-on: INSTANT DISCOUNTS/GIFTS and the question of WHAT’S THE BEST FOR YOU? So, are you ready to join the disruption?

Get ready as we tackle two big challenges head-on: INSTANT DISCOUNTS/GIFTS and the question of WHAT’S THE BEST FOR YOU? So, are you ready to join the disruption?

“Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience: Explore, Save, and Discover with ScanX”​
Deepmindz’s Web AR Branding technology effortlessly brings the best deals directly to your virtual doorstep, ensuring you never miss out on a bargain again.
Effortlessly scan your favorite items using our WebApp’s intuitive camera interface and get ready for an extraordinary journey like no other. Scan your favorites, uncover details, and enjoy instant savings.Discover a new way to shop and elevate your shopping experience with ScanX.
“Your Trusted Shopping Advisor ScanX at Your Fingertips”​​
Caught in a dilemma while selecting the perfect product? Confused about its usage? Longing to delve deeper into its features to make the best choice? Look no further..
Use our ScanX AR tech to effortlessly scan products, ask questions, and make informed choices. We revolutionizes promotions by gamifying the process, providing exclusive discounts, and enhancing brand engagement seamlessly with Web AR Branding.
WhatsApp AI

magine a world where you can effortlessly connect with your customers through the platform they already love and trust: WhatsApp. Our cutting-edge AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot is a game-changer, designed to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence right at your fingertips.

Look no further! Our AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot is here to revolutionize the way you communicate and engage with your customers.

When you have access to the potential of AI, why settle for ordinary conversations? For immediate, customized interactions, seamlessly integrate our chatbot into WhatsApp. Take advantage of quick replies, 24/7 availability, and intelligent automation.

Contact us today to integrate our AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot into your business and witness the transformation in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Chatbot AI

In the dynamic world of technology, one innovation stands out: Chatbot AI. These virtual companions seamlessly integrate into our lives, reshaping our interaction with technology. What makes Chatbot AI captivating? Picture having a 24/7 personal assistant, ready for questions and meaningful conversations. With the power to learn and adapt, these marvels streamline tasks and provide tailored solutions.

As we dive deeper into the digital age, Chatbot AI serves as the bridge between human ingenuity and technology’s limitless potential. It’s more than just chat; it’s a new era of interaction, enhancing our lives in ways we could only dream of. Whether you’re a business optimizing customer service or an individual seeking a smarter digital experience, Chatbot AI is the key to unlocking the future.

Applications abound, from e-commerce personalization to instant healthcare advice. Chatbot AI redefines industries by enhancing user experiences and driving efficiency. Join us on this transformative journey into the world of Chatbot AI – where innovation knows no bounds.


In a world fueled by information, transcription services hold the key to unlocking the potential of spoken words. They silently work their magic, turning conversations, interviews, and meetings into valuable, searchable assets. The allure lies in the ease of managing data, providing an ever-accessible reference.

But it goes beyond convenience. Transcriptions, with the help of Deepmindz, enable content creation, making it effortless to transform spoken content into articles and captions, ensuring inclusivity for all. In this digital age, DEEPMINDZ-powered transcription services offer efficiency and accessibility. Whether you’re a business streamlining data or an individual seeking to maximize audio content’s potential, join us on this transformative journey into the world of transcription – where every spoken word is transformed into written gold, unlocking the brilliance within.