Business Process Management

We at Deepmindz, offer Business Process design and redesign advisory services to companies, whereby we help the Management address areas to re-access their business model in order to improve their revenue scale or rationalize costs and improve business efficiency.
Our team has expertise for improving performance of a particular division or unit, as well as for the entire company using automation and Alexa skilling. Given the criticality of such engagements, our team offers assistance to the companies that are long-term in nature.
We review, recommend and implement such Business Processes which can address the needs of your Growing Business:

Bespoke Development, Solutions & Tools

As a technology partner with over 4 years of outsourcing experience, we have developed results-oriented outsourcing models.

Outsourcing with us, therefore, is an entirely different experience – direct and transparent communication, regular progress update, expert guidance and less hierarchy levels.

Our experienced consultants have been trained to thoroughly analyze your business process, uncover potential avenues for optimization, and propose the optimum solutions based on their analysis. We believe that technological solutions should not only enhance your productivity, but also reduce your operational costs at the same time.

Data Mining & Analytics

Advanced data applications are basically a set of specialized tools and methods that allows to convert a huge scope of technical information into comprehensible statistics with a variety of parameters that are used to optimize business processes.

This is useful for:

When we have the data which is extracted, transformed and loaded, we can easily get the quality output and this manner our data applications can help your business to gain the quality and consistency in their domains

Web Portals ​

An online business portal can replicate the look and feel of your business and provide you with greater control over your day-to-day processes. Regardless of time or user location, a web portal can be accessed quickly and easily on a desktop or mobile device. The key drivers normally include multi-location based teams and offices or the need to improve communication.

A common horizontal web portal could take the form of a managerial reporting system that presents KPIs information from multiple business systems. Typically, users of these forms of web portals read/generate reports from data within the view they have, but they can also write data or start workflow processes if required. The benefits of a web portal can typically include user satisfaction, improved access to important data and basic user login stats.

Mobile Applications

Our team of mobile app developers recommends working through the following steps in order to figure out the most appropriate architecture for your application: Audience analysis. Also, to determine the right technology framework, you would need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers first.

It is crucial to identify the key functionality requirements, for example, whether users just want to consume content or interact with the app to manage a task or access files in offline mode. It not only makes your app secure but also enables it to scale with your growing business.

We develop Android & iOS Apps. For iOS app development we use Objective-C, Swift.

Our App Development Services Offerings:

  Development Services and Consultation   Testing   NFC Integration
  Custom Android, iPhone App Development   UI/UX Design   Location Based Services
  iPad, Tablet App Development   App Porting   Maintenance and Optimization

Digital Transformation Products ​

Today, Digital transformation is asking companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. This change is driven by the customer itself. Today, customers expect relevant content and fluent experience in relation to what they’re doing anytime, anywhere and in the format and on the device of their choosing.

Hence it is the customer or shall we say user journey that drives digital transformation for organizations and that is exactly where we assist you to keep your business strategy ahead of competition. In order to keep up with this new age of “always-connected” customer, we are equipped to assist your business in embracing technology to deliver enhanced customer experience.

Market Research

At Deepmindz, we have always combined the WHAT and WHY for our customers — that is, we have merged market research with consumer insights. This is exactly how we empower our clients with actionable intelligence and complete picture, for them to make smarter, safer, faster and more profitable business decisions.

After all, market research without consumer insights is just plain data. Similarly consumer insights without market research is just basic opinion. But if you skillfully put them together, you get what matters most: profitable results!

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a software technology that is easy for any business to use to automate their digital tasks. RPA bots are easy to setup and use. RPA can be used to automate workflow, infrastructure, back office process which require intensive work. These software bots can interact with an in-house application, website, user portal, scrape web data, parse emails, connect to APIs, etc.

With RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer an operating cost but a by-product of the automation. The industries that are using RPA.

Benefits of RPA

  Greater productivity   Greater accuracy   Cost savings & fast ROI   Integrate across platforms
  Customer experiences   Scalability   Harness Artificial Intelligence